You choose the adventure and we make it happen

We believe in nature, love and togetherness. In the wonderful land of Swedish Lapland, we offer them all.

About us

Moose & Goose is a company that provides the best of Lapland to curios travelers. We have broad experience from arranging private and corporate travels in both summer and winter time. By selecting Moose & Goose, we promise you a once in a lifetime experience.

Private travels

We offer amazing trips to unique places

Winter Wonderlands

Discover European last remaining wilderness and enjoy barely touched nature, endless sparkling winter landscapes and the gorgeous arctic surroundings. We prepare an eye opening and unique journey to remind you how wonderful as life it is.

Happy & Strong Summer

“Be happy, be strong” is our sincere wish to the people, either you are kids or adults. Sports, Games, Nature Survival Class and good friends, we prepare a summer holiday for students summer school or families who are eager for a together-good-time.

Forest & Health Transformation

Nature is the healing place for all the modern people, especially for the metropolitan. As “the happiest country”, Swedish happiness is highly related to the “close-to-nature” lifestyle. Come with us and bring it back to the rest of your life.

Corporate travels

We see the opportunities that bring businesses together

Corporate Team Building

Untouched nature, unique arctic lifestyle, genuine people from Swedish Lapland as your guides and friends, here it is wonderful scene for your team to share and grow. Join our trips dedicated for your organization, we provide you with more possibilities.

Green-Tech Visits

Green Technology is the future we are creating and highly caring about. We provide consulting service in cleantech collaborations and organizing study visits between China and Sweden, based on our knowledge accumulated year after year and our precious partners in both countries.

Future Opportunities

We are lucky to be a Swedish company with vast knowledge and connections in China. There are so much to share and build up between those two prosperous countries, any idea you have? Be open and let’s make things happen!

Our friends and partners